Purchase Agreement

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Purchase Agreement

Name of Seller: Sam Knaus

Name of Buyer:____________________________________

Date: ______________

Puppy Description:   (Male)   (Female),  _____________________________

The seller herby sells to the buyer, the above puppy for the amount of $_______ plus shipping charges (if applicable) less the deposit of $200.  The balance is $____ in accordance with the terms of this contract.  No personal checks please.  We accept cash, money order and cashiers checks made out to Sam Knaus.

To the best of the seller’s knowledge, the puppy is free from congenital defects.  This specifically excludes external and internal parasites.  Should the puppy be diagnosed with crippling hip dysplasia, or life threatening birth/ genetic defects before the age of 30 months, the seller agrees to replace the puppy with one of equal quality from the next available litter.  The buyer may keep the dog, but must present certification by OFA or Penn Hip in the case of crippling dysplasia.  This specifically excludes dysplasia caused by environmental factors or buyers mishandling.  In the case of life threatening birth or genetic defect, documentation by a veterinarian must be supplied to the seller.  The seller reserves the right to have a second veterinarian opinion, before a replacement is made.  If any life or health defect results in the death of this canine, an autopsy must be performed at the buyer’s expense and given to the seller.  The seller does not assume any additional liability for possible genetic defects in the puppy, and will under no circumstances be responsible for veterinary bills resulting from any such conditions.

This puppy has been temperament tested at seven weeks and a copy of the test will be supplied to you with the delivery of the puppy.  Temperaments are not guaranteed on this puppy, as circumstances will be out of sellers control when the puppy has left the sellers property.  Therefore, training classes are highly recommended. This dog will be protective and large and will need to be obedient and socialized.

Hip X-rays are very important for our Shiloh breed.  We need to know about our puppies hips to control future breeding.  This is the only way to guarantee and to eliminate any dysplasia in our breeding.  Therefore, by the time the dog is 30 months of age, the buyer shall furnish the seller with a copy of a OFA or Penn Hip report on the dog’s hips.  The cost of the radiographs shall be borne by the buyer. 
The buyer agrees to take full responsibility for said dogs care and pay all expenses related to it.  The buyer shall maintain the puppy in good condition, including adherence to regular immunization schedules, heartworm preventative, good diet, clean and safe environment.  The buyer agrees not to completely house the dog outdoors. 

Puppies are not sold on a trial basis.  Purchasing a puppy should not be an impulsive decision and it is your responsibility to understand that you are making a decision for the lifetime of the puppy.  If the situation arises and you can no longer care for your puppy/ dog.  The buyer shall give the seller the first of refusal on the dog. 
The buyer also agrees to stay in contact with the seller and give regular updates.

This puppy is being sold as a pet only.  The buyer agrees to have this dog spayed or neutered by 2 years of age.           _______________ (buyer's initials)

This is a non-transferable agreement and is executed this ______day of _______________, 20___.


______________________________________________________________________________ Seller

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